Hakan Yurdakul

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and studying in Economics, Hakan pursued his passion for music. He studied music theory under tutor Jacqueline Stretton, and music production techniques under producer Christophe Bride. A largely self-taught musician, Hakan completed his study of advanced music theory and harmony entirely on his own. Following his study of theory and production, he studied composition under composer Richard Causton for a short period. While improving upon his musical and technical abilities with the aid of virtual orchestration, Hakan released two orchestral albums.

Hakan states his philosophy of composition; “When one composes, musical notes are born in one’s heart and processed in one’s brain. One’s ear, then, becomes less significant, and functions for only a small part of the job.” In his compositions, he focuses on three areas:

– Style: Using musicality and coherence to express emotion

– Minimalism: Using limitations (not on music writing) to be more creative

– Technical Proficiency: Using the latest recording techniques to produce first-rate audio quality

Hakan lives in United Kingdom where he works on personal projects.