Hakan Yurdakul

Thanks so much for visiting my personal website.
After graduation with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, I started to work as a private tutor for teaching Physics and Mathematics to A-level students. However, my passion for music dominated, and I moved to UK for music studies. I studied music theory under tutor Jacqueline Stretton, and music production techniques under producer Christophe Bride. Then, I started to compose music while working in other fields, including vinyl record trading..

When working as a technical support engineer for hardware products, my interest on programming was increased. Later on, I quit my previous job, and started to study programming and DSP subjects. I enjoy solving mathematical problems, especially based on functions and algorithms. My main interest is for audio programming, and I currently work as an audio programmer at Frontier Developments, Cambridge, UK. You can find my personal music and programming works in this website.

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