Pitch Detection

This is my pitch detection algorithm. It takes mono wav. file as an input, and checks its fundamental and next three harmonics. Firstly, a threshold value is determined after finding the maximum peak by FFT. […]

Largest Palindrome

One of the assignments¬†inspired by Project Euler in the Matlab course I took before . I made some simple mistakes while trying to write an efficient algorithm. There were two inputs; digit number of the […]

Huge Addition

This was an interesting assignment in the Matlab course I took before. Its inputs and output could be very large, in fact, larger than representable number in Matlab. Solution can show its output with full […]

Circular Primes

This was one of the coding assignments in the Matlab course I took. I developed an algorithm to find total number of circular primes under a positive integer as input. I am working on another […]